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Web Designing & Development

We understand that the success of your online presence lies on design and functionality of your website. We believe your website should emulate the style, image and presentation of your brick and mortar establishment.

Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can develop instinctive and compatible websites, cool user interface design, look and feel, and functionality at place.

• Database Development
We can either build a custom database or connect your existing database to the web.

• PHP/ASP/ASP.Net/JSP Dynamic Sites
We can create dynamic websites using PHP, ASP, ASP.Net or JSP technologies.

• E-Commerce
We can design your online business from adding a simple shopping cart to building a global vertical industry.

• Portal and Vortal Development
We can create online communities using online registration, discussion forums, survey forms, polls and other components for database development and backend administration.

Web Development Process

PHASE I - Define

To provide the best solutions to our customers we have to understand clearly the requirement of the prospective customer. When doing business through Internet, we have to realize the importance of being clearly understood.

It begins this way. Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. gets an email enquiry or Quick Quote from a prospective client. The request is examined. To understand the requirements better, some questions are emailed back to the prospective client. The client is advised to fill in the Project Evaluation Form.

The clarifications are given. The Project Evaluation Form is duly filled and forwarded.

The request is now re-examined for any further details required at this stage. If not, then a rough estimate of the time and costs involved in the project is made. In case of large web applications and database driven websites, a proposal for doing a detailed analysis for a fee of $100 is emailed to the client. The deliverables here are the following

• Requirements Document
• Level 1 Work Breakdown Structure and Project Schedule
• Payment schedule
• Draft of the contract of Agreement.

The client seeks any clarifications (if any) on the terms and conditions and approves the documents and the contract of agreement. The client gives a go-ahead for the project. The amount to be advanced and the mode of payment is specified.

Confirmation on the payment is intimated to Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

Initial payment is confirmed by Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

PHASE II - Design and Develop

Line of Action - the developing interactive approach. We use the evolving interactive approach to web development. In this methodology, once the preliminary requirements are made clear, the next step is to quickly build the prototype of the website/web application. From then on, it is the continuing evolution of this prototype until it becomes the final product, exact to specifications.

Visibility - the key Advantage. This is a revolutionary, new approach to software development and extremely suited to offshore development and outsource services. When you outsource your requirement of your web requirements to us, we are sensitive to the fact that you require high visibility of the work in progress. This is the reason why we have adapted this methodology to our web development process. At each stage along the development, the website/web application evolves before your own eyes. Here are the extensive landmarks in this process:

1. Prototype: The first and vital phase. The prototype shows you the shape of things to come. This is much more than just a visual representation. It represents all the screen elements in the final solution. This is the mould into which we start to respire the breath of life! Feedback from the client is taken and required modifications are incorporated.

2. Functional Specifications Document: All the functional specifications are documented before starting to actually develop the functionalities. The client reviews it and gives his comments again and with this, the requirements and specifications are fully captured.

3. The Proof of concept. The prototype evolves to its more complex level of existence. Many parts of the prototype spring to life. We have this intermediate delivery before the final delivery to establish the proof of concept. The client can now almost feel the solution that he/she had entrusted us to develop. What remains now is just formality. Our production engine hauls the project to completion.

4. Final Delivery: The final product is delivered after testing. There are no revelations and no harrowing expectations on the date of delivery because you had seen it develop!

PHASE III - Deploy

Performance of the site is monitored for a period of one month if there is no site maintenance agreement. Any problems found during this period will be solved, without any additional cost to the customer.

Banner Advertisements

To enhance your company brand image and the visibility of your web site, Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can develop banner advertising campaigns (static and animated) or custom banners as per your requirements.

Multimedia Presentations

For corporate and product promos, for business and information presentation or for any kind of promotional activity, we can develop and design the multimedia presentations that can portray or convey the message or memo in the most effective and efficient way.

Flash Movies

We can provide eye catching flash introductions, small flash banners, animations or links to enhance the beauty of your web site or a complete flash web site for a music or cinema business or display which needs dynamic demonstration.

Contact us to launch your high performance and explodingly profitable site.

Graphic Design

Do you want eye catching graphics, unique designs, clean layouts and clear navigation?

We can develop websites that look great, load quickly and help visitors easily find what they need.

Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. develops cool and happening graphics for the web, based on your requirements. We also provide icon design services for web sites.

User Interface Design

Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in developing functional and vivid user interfaces for web sites and application software. We also provide interface design templates for web sites, web pages.


The Internet and the web being the growth engines of the new millennium, we provide integrated e-business solutions for our clients offering our expertise in e-business discovery, strategy, and e-commerce roadmap definition services.

Add global experience and perspective to your Net- Business development. Let us help build your business. We, at Alliancef Cyber & Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd., can help organizations develop innovative e-business and e-commerce strategies and solutions. These solutions allow our customers to capitalize on new technologies to create innovative products and services for the Internet economy. Our consulting team stays focused on defining, optimizing, and aligning our clients' business and IT strategies.

We help identify, design, and implement e-business strategies and solutions to the corporations of the 21st century, leveraging Internet technologies to enable them to flourish in the surge economy.

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