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Q. Why do I need a website?

A. Your Website is Your Online Brochure.
Your website serves as your online brochure, besides allowing you to multiply your sales beyond your expectation. It enhances your reputation and eases the approach for your potential customers.

1. Increase your productivity and sales.
You may wish to answer the queries right at your site, freeing you or your staff from having to deal with routine questions. That means more time for growing your business.

2. Your business never closes.
Because Internet never sleeps, your "virtual office" never closes, and your potential customers keep browsing, gathering information, and even shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no additional cost to you.

3. Your business gets the competitive edge.
The Internet is growing rapidly, presenting new opportunities for those businesses and companies willing to move now to take advantage of this technology. The companies, which are in the process of establishing their web presence now will have a competitive edge over others, for always.

Q. Will it save my Time and Money?

A. Your Web site is cost-effective.
A professionally designed and presented website can cost you much less than the traditional way of direct mailing campaigns. It can cost just a fraction of your routine advertising costs and you can convey much more than what you can do in a specified costly ad space.

Q. Will it be easy to use?

A. It's never been easier or more affordable.
Web India Today can work with you to design and develop a maintenance plan for your website that will fit your budget, no matter what size your business is.

Q. How can I announce new product/service launches?

A. Your information is always the latest.
We can update the information on your site within minutes. You can announce new product launches, implement increase or decrease in sales prices, hold press releases and update catalog offerings almost instantly.

Q. Will it invite target oriented traffic to my site?

A. You are seen by millions of people.
Millions and billions of people around the world are accessing the Internet. You can showcase your business and widen your customer base much beyond what the traditional advertising media can fetch.

Q. Will it actually help getting me more business?

A. Illuminate your business presence.

Even the smallest business can have a Web "presence" and can compete directly with the big giants. It can represent itself to be much more than what actually it is.

Q. Will it be able to increase my productivity or improve customer service?

A. Increase your customer base
A professionally designed website can expand your customer base, market your products and services, increase productivity, improve customer service or simply to communicate better.

Q. Will I get the after sales support?

A. May it be a technical problem or a general inquiry, you are free to call on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of experts is always there to solve your problems and provide the best possible support.

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